Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our business impact lives. Equip Publishing House inspires the world through its content and corporate social influence. The Company is committed to an operational structure that positively impacts its employees and local community’s lives.

Equip Publishing House recognises that providing consumers with quality resources encompasses more than its products through corporate charitable partnerships and environmental printing initiatives. To continue to operate a positively impactful business, the Company’s philosophy is to give back where much has been given (Luke 12:48).

Equip Publishing Hose also provides opportunities for its employees to engage with local community groups with similar values and inspirational missions.


Community Impact

Service is an Equip Publishing House core value. The Company strives to serve consumers with fresh voices and messages that can change the world. The Company also believes in setting an example by doing what is good (Titus 2:7) and consistently doing more than is required.

Active engagement in local communities is at the heart of our corporate social responsibility. The Company volunteers with local charitable partners to understand how it can impact the lives of local citizens.

We believe involvement is essential to success. Through our employee volunteer program and charitable donations, the Company is committed to helping those in need.


Environmental Impact

Also, Equip Publishing House is continually reviewing its environmental impact and how we can conduct better business practices to help protect our planet.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Equip Publishing House is an equal opportunity employer.


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