Rebecca Barnes

Rebecca Barnes is a young woman, currently studying at the University of Law,
Rebecca Barnes was born and raised in Italy and also in the Church Of Pentecost. She moved to the UK, Manchester at a very young age.
As a university student and a young Christian woman, Rebecca Barnes has learned it’s not easy to be a Christian because there are a lot of challenges in this world especially for students who are trying to get closer to God. She has learned that by remaining firm, focused and always putting God first in everything she does, she is sure to be victorious in all her endeavors.
She is a singer and currently the coordinator of The Virtuous Ladies at the Church of Pentecost, Leeds District, and Ebenezer PIWC.
Rebecca Barnes is an ambitious young woman who has the fear of God, she is respectful, hardworking and a young woman who loves people.
She hopes that through this book, she will be able help young Christian women set their priorities right and draw nearer to God.

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