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With years of experience in book cover design, Equip Publishing House creative team understand what it takes to make a book sell. Whatever your genre, you will be competing for sales, and since your book cover is your shop window, it absolutely must be a useful sales tool as well as a stunning piece of art. Whether on Amazon, iBooks or in Waterstones, your book cover will be seen before a reader even gets to page one, so it needs to look like a best-seller. Your cover is page one of your book, and it needs to be commercially aware, bespoke, authentic and must resonate with your potential readers at a glance.

Your book cover design is one of your self-publishing project’s essential elements. Everything you do to market your work, from Facebook and Twitter to writers’ forums and events will lead back to this, ideally, a creative masterpiece. But a cover must be more than merely creative; it needs to be commercially aware. When you’re not there to explain to someone how good your book is, it’s your cover that will be speaking for you and telling your potential readership whether you’re a serious author or a half-hearted dabbler. It’s astonishing how many authors are willing to sabotage their success by choosing not to have their book cover designed professionally. Since authors are not necessarily marketers and will often overlook this essential item, it can be detrimental to their entire book sales career. After months, if not years, of creating world-class content, it’s the cover that then conveys this content’s nature and quality. Without it, you create a ‘dead-end’ in your marketing. Browsers will be turned into buyers when a cover engages and inspires, and it’s at this crucial point that a well-designed book cover does its work.

Equip Publishing House has an exemplary track record for promoting authors’ commercial success via creativity in book design, and make no mistake, your book will be judged by its cover, regardless of the quality of the work inside. Your sales will directly reflect that judgement.

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