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The rising popularity of companies such as Audible, Overdrive and of course, Amazon and iBook’s’ audiobook download options means that potential listeners very much accompany your potential readers. Commuters, gym-goers, children at bed-time and Sunday afternoon relaxers are waiting to listen to your next title. Make it available with the Equip audiobook creation service. We create wonderful, professionally narrated audiobooks from your manuscripts, ready for distribution to all the major outlets.

The enthusiasm of audiobook lovers cannot be denied. Those who love consuming books in this format often do so exclusively, claiming that the listening experience is superior in every respect to reading. It is said that the immersion achieved by cutting out external sensory pollution; noise and light, and plunging yourself into an audiobook is more profound, better and more engaging than reading from the pages of a standard printed title or an eReader device. Audiobooks’ popularity is growing quickly – arguably because they are the most portable of book formats. You can listen to an audiobook anywhere with a pair of headphones and even engage with them while doing other things (not driving, naturally), so they are the perfect way to consume new titles if you are short of leisure time, space, or even if you don’t like reading. Book lovers worldwide are taking more and more notice of this relatively underused format. Since Amazon acquired Audible in 2008, audiobooks sales have steadily increased, and the trend is looking set to continue. We genuinely love printed-books, and Audiobooks are quickly finding a place in our hearts right alongside them.

At Equip Publishing House, we cater to all the needs of modern independent publishers, and as such, we take the production of audiobooks very seriously. Our team of experts can lead you by understanding the particulars of audiobook creation, choosing the most appropriate actor to understand file formats and technical issues, and distribution and sales. We can also offer recorded actor samples and even create auditions for your book’s reading excerpts. At the end of the process, you will own a stunning version of your book which anyone can enjoy anywhere.

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