Cover design, book layout, eBook creation, editing, proofreading and international distribution are the core of this

professional book designed

Publishing Services

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We offer various editorial services to help you perfect your manuscript, from a light proofread to a complete ghostwriting project.

refine your work from a professional perspective

Editorial Services

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We’ll create a bespoke marketing package suited to what you need.

social media, websites, distribution, events etc

Book Marketing Services

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We create wonderful, professionally narrated audiobooks from your manuscripts, ready for distribution to all the major outlets.

make it available with our audiobook creation service.

Audiobook Services

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At Equip Publishing House

We become your partner in marketing and selling your book.

Equip Publishing House offers Christian pastors, ministry leaders, and authors unique self-publishing tools and resources to publish books and reach readers with the Gospel worldwide.





We offer a wide range of services and provide
complete client satisfaction

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